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10400 HAT SIX ROAD, CASPER, WYOMING P.O. BOX 1409, EVANSVILLE, WYOMING  82636   (307)234-1466


    Welcome Sportsmen to Muddy Mountain Outfitters. We operate on a 60,000 acre ranch located at the base of Casper Mountain and Muddy Mountain. We offer a wide range of hunts including elk, deer, antelope, mountain lion and bear.

     We maintain a very high success ratio on our hunts. We limit the number of our hunts each year (7 elk, 2 deer and 15 antelope) to maintain outstanding herd populations.

     Our accommodations are truly top of the line with a 6-bedroom private guest house and 2 camps on the mountain.  We have 4X4 pickups, 4X4 ATV's, horses and snowmobiles to hunt from depending on weather conditions. Richard Mason will be guiding each hunter himself. Richard has been a very successful guide in Wyoming for many years.

     Please call for more information. We can book a hunt that fits your needs. With only a limited number of hunts each year, it is best to reserve your spot early.

     We know that your hunting trip will be a lifetime memory - Let us make it one to remember!


This ranch has some of the best Elk hunting in the state and I believe hunters may have opportunities at Boone & Crockett bulls.  Only seven elk hunts will be offered each year.

We have an abundance of Antelope and are quite confident our hunters will have great opportunities at trophy quality bucks.

Due to a large amount of mountain lions, our deer numbers are down, but we have good quality bucks on the ranch and our hunters will have opportunities at bucks in the 20" to 35" range.

Mountain Lion
The ranch is located in prime mountain lion country and we feel that hunters will have great success in taking a trophy lion.

Call for more information on any of our hunts.
Telephone: (307) 234-1466

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This elk was shot Nov. 2002
Scored est. 350 Boone & Crockett
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